Earl Grey and Lemons

by Skye Zentz



This EP is a tender little confessional fairy tale that takes place over the last five years of my life. It weaves reality with fantasy, contentment with longing for the unattainable. It is the Springtime Appetizer to the Full Length Main Course (yet to be titled) I'll be releasing in June.

If you feel like paying more than $4 for this EP, your money will go directly towards my studio time, production and merchandising/marketing costs for the album. Thank you, in advance, for listening, for supporting my dreamwork and for all the ways you make this world a brighter place just by being your self!


released March 2, 2012

Production and mixing by Jacki Paolella at TapTap Recordings in Norfolk, VA.

Artwork by Jason Levesque


all rights reserved



Skye Zentz Norfolk, Virginia

Skye writes truth and hope,
bends it and shapes it into
a singable form

Hailing from southeast Virginia, her Father's late music store, Ramblin Conrad's, was once her childhood playground. She hopes to live her next life as a dolphin or an elf.
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Track Name: Got the Time
darlin when we're ready
we'll be going steady
when we've got the time
maybe when I'm older,
just a little older
when I get the time

we could build a cabin
or head up to Manhattan
someplace with walls you can climb
maybe if we ever
get ourselves together
we could plan a time where we could find the time

maybe out in Europe
I could be your maple syrup
when we've got the time
I would slide around your plate
sticky sweet you wouldn't wait to say
that we'd make the time

we could open up a dinette
I'd supply the entertainment
and you could drink all the red wine
maybe when we're settled
and not quite so disheveled
we could have a hell of a time
makin the time

boy, you got to see
you came and altered me
and if you cross the sea
back home to me,
I'll call you mine

I'll be waitin by the fire
just to see what you inspire
when we've got the time
we'll plant rows of corn and lettuce
and the drought will never get us
when we make the time

we'll be energy efficient
we will hand-wash all the dishes
and turn all the lights off at bedtime
we'll make a perfect pair
when we've got the time

and we both gotta see new towns
but when it's time to settle down
i think being your gal would be fine
you'll be my man
when we've got the time
Track Name: Twilight Folly
I'm tryin' to fall asleep at my birthday party
its the longest party I've ever had
its been a week since it started
I'm tired, I'm sorry
a moment to myself at my birthday party

there's peanut butter cookies fresh out the oven
the louder ones are jammin' out on the porch
from my perspective, I might could use some lovin'
and someday when I find it, I'll pass the torch

and when the hops have you sleepy
you can rest your head on my knee
cause the hardest part is in between
the twilight folly and the morning clean

she's got a bad heart and her boy can't mend it
there was a boy in pretty shoes and he left his book
there's a boy who wants my ear so that he can bend it
and a boy who'd have my heart if he'd only look

he's stumbling cause I think he had too much something
there's a girl who just came over to over to pick him up
there's a girl with lots to say if she'd just quit mumbling
when she moves to california she'll try her luck..

(chorus) x2

we're pickin up bottles the morning after
the sunlight at the silence replace the laughter
I'm feeling kinda queasy I should ride home
but it's still too early to be alone

(I don't wanna go to bed, I don't wanna go to bed)

I'm tryin' to fall asleep at my birthday party
its the longest party I've ever had
its been a week since it started
I'm tired, I'm sorry
a moment to myself at my birthday party (x2)
Track Name: Self
dream is not self,
self is raw,
dream is something intangibly ever untamed
self is so hard,
self is scarred,
self is flawed, self is carefully labeled and named

and when I get back from this quandry
of what parts make up all that was Me
it will not be enough to stand contented
in the shell of this old Self I rented

I do what feels right
til I'm wrong
then I might feel regretfully defensive with pride
cause living is choices
we make with our voices
and whether we stay, run or hide

but I've got this secret I'm keeping
it's the Me I am just when I'm sleeping
the dream-me who is quite contented
to defy the old Self I rented

in dreaming I am born
open armed, moving freely
I am brave, I am young, I am wild
in being I am Me, same as dream
just more tethered to this worldly place
where I'm not always free to act so childlike

so if I stick to my instinct
and make righteous choices
I'll trust in the world to provide
the best circumstances
for living and learning
I'll trust in the turn of the tide

and I will sleep better and deeper
I will discard the sleep that came cheaper
and while I'm not dreaming I am loving
the waking new Self I'm discovering
Track Name: Grayscale
things could be greener
I could be too
I'm on vacation
from feeling so blue
the morning was orange
the sky like a peach
and every rainbow
just outside of my reach

but I knew when I tied up my shoestrings
that daylight had knocked out a wall
and my head felt so light
and so full of hot air
I was braced for a fall

in my lavender daydreams
I giggle and play
my lips red as roses
golden sun on my face
I am walking thru tall trees
my steps light on the ground
over emerald mosses,
chocolate soil
and leaves in bright scarlets and browns

and the sky is like earl grey and lemons
the trees are as strong a my will
and here, and I'm home
I'm so restless when I just forget to sit still

things could be sweeter
I could be too
but, darlin, I'm grayscale
when I'm far from you
yea, your love is the brightness
your love is the sea
and the world is our forest
oh, come;
live in the treetops with me!

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