Snow Day

by Skye Zentz



released December 5, 2014

Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Jacki Paolella @ TAPTAP Recordings in Norfolk, VA



all rights reserved


Skye Zentz Norfolk, Virginia

Skye writes truth and hope,
bends it and shapes it into
a singable form

Hailing from southeast Virginia, her Father's late music store, Ramblin Conrad's, was once her childhood playground. She hopes to live her next life as a dolphin or an elf.
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Track Name: Snow Day
the fire's roarin' and the kitchen is warm
but i'm a hoping for a wintry storm
hey mother nature,
why dont ya give us a snow day
only need a couple flakes on the ground
one little inch and our town shuts down
i'm asking nicely
won't ya give us a snow day

jing a ling a ling a ring dong ding
a good snow can make the darkness sing
and it wont let up
til' everything is
sparkly and new

it may be chilly but i'm ready to go
this heart is itchin' for a spin in the snow
its gettin' colder
cold enough for a snow day
im gonna shout straight into the clouds
HEY UP THERE send the snow on down
it would be so nice
if you would send us a snow day

jing a ling a ling a ring ding dong
we're all set to sing that frosty song
and when school is closed
we'll all be sad and blue
boo hoo hoo

the time has come for us to gather again
the best of winter with our favorite friends
for such a wonderful snow day-
whoa-oh oh
thank goodness
for such a wonderful
aint it pretty
Its such a beautiful
thank the heavens
for such a marvelous snow day
Track Name: Faith
faith is a pose
one you can master
just two little words
and some muscle behind em
if you say "I believe"
and you say it with feeling
then when things falls apart
with some faith you can bind em'

we trust in the word
coz the word makes sense
yeah, we love the idea
that we know what's next
and we're good
if we do
what the good book says
its all part of the plan
and the plan is blessed

faith is a coin
you flip til you're happy
you keep it in your pocket
so if you get lost
you've got that coin
one little reminder
of whats keeping you upright
and that even your soul has a cost

we trust that our faith
makes the world go round
yea we love the idea
that we won't go down
until death
comes a'knocking
and we're waiting
in our nightgowns
ready to go
coz faith will make it so

when you talk about your faith
and I talk about mine
it's really only ok just to listen
and nod and nod and smile
but theres still value in asking questions
and setting your judgments aside
if only to see a thing
thru someone else's eyes

faith is a bird
a slippery sparrow
some wings on a wire
ready to fly away
you can't take it home
you can't teach it to dance with you
but its there in your mind
shaping the life you make
Track Name: This Christmas
this christmas
i'm gonna buy my baby some new shoes
he's always walking around
just a singing the blues
i'm gonna buy my baby some new shoes

this christmas
i'm gonna buy my baby some new clothes
his shirts dont fit And And p his socks have holes
i'm gonna buy my baby some new clothes

but the malls too crowded, the music's too loud
yea and shopping online gets the better of me
good thing there's a thrift store right down the street
where the vibe is right for me to spend my money

santa is running out of magic these days
we gotta make christmas for ourselves-the hard way

so this christmas I'm gonna give my baby some good love
gonna cook him breakfast and give him a backrub
i'm gonna give my baby some good love

yeah this christmas
i'm gonna give my baby all my heart
sounds simple but its a good start
i'm gonna give my baby
all my heart this christmas