by Skye Zentz

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beecee It’s wistful and oh, so pretty! (And look at that gorgeous cover!) Favorite track: Long Ago (For Always).


*Recorded LIVE (ukulele and main vocal) with additional layers added later*

This is the first volume in a series of 4 EPs to be released over the next 2 years. Each ep will be a musical interpretation of a season, and my own emotional resonance therein.

"winter" is loss and acceptance, vast uncertainty and glimpses of humble optimism. what has been and what could be. what we have let go and what we are, just now, calling into being!


released December 20, 2013

All songs produced by Jacki Paolella and Skye Zentz
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Jacki Paolella at TAPTAP Recordings in Norfolk, VA



all rights reserved


Skye Zentz Norfolk, Virginia

Skye writes truth and hope,
bends it and shapes it into
a singable form

Hailing from southeast Virginia, her Father's late music store, Ramblin Conrad's, was once her childhood playground. She hopes to live her next life as a dolphin or an elf.
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Track Name: Merrier Me
the night is still and lonesome
tho i've got company
and nothings right
since you're away from me

the fires warm
and every star
just seems to gleam my way
but nothings right
since you have gone away

the sweet sounds
of the season
they only make me blue
and nothings right
since im not next to you

good will and joy
are dancing
around the town, its true
but nothings right,
we should be dancing too

and its gonna be
a different kind of holly jolly
im gonna try to
hide my sorrow with some cheer
and i want love
to fill me up with something more than heartache
and im gonna sing until
my peace of mind appears
and maybe ill be
a merrier me
this time next year
Track Name: Long Ago (For Always)
theres a summer in my mind
i go there all the time
when my hair was short
and years were longer
i'd been thinkin on your eyes
been thinkin how the time flies
when we're having fun
we sure did

back when we were picking daisies
walkin by the creek, i
always said
the big words too soon
your hand
warm against my shoulder
told me in a whisper
i could go ahead and love you

just when i was sure of darkness
you wrote me a letter
seven lovely pages
of words
each one, poetry in motion
kept me writing love songs
sang em to the clouds
and the birds

there in the glow of all that
kept youth sacred
we were enchanted
and we did not know
and life was simple
coz it all moved so slow
and for a time
you were mine
long ago

in every tender passing instant
take the time to keep it
seal it in your heart
for always
look back
when you've got some distance
savor all the joy there
let it hold your heart in place
Track Name: Comin' Round
oh, there were times
we didn't believe
and life it don't slow down
we had to fake it
til we could make it
and now a new years comin' round

im raisin up a toast
to pardon
to the choice we have to let it all go
and here's to
abundant forward motion
may we keep from feeling old and slow

oh, there were times
we didn't believe
and life it don't slow down
we had to fake it
til we could make it
and now a new years comin' round

i think there's always gonna be hard times
so what better reason
to pay attention to whats nice?
yes, and when you get the chance
get on your feet and dance, yeah
just twirl around your troubles once or twice

oh, there will be times
you can't believe
and life it won't slow down
you'll have to fake it
til you can make it
and a new year comes around
Track Name: Maybe in the Spring
maybe in the spring
i could go away
send some letters home
fables on a page

here is where ive been
here is how ive grown
here is where im broken
more than you'll ever know

i know what its like to lose you
i know what its like to feel you go
i know there will come a spring
but this winters comin' on hard and cold

maybe in the spring
i'll come back to see you
bring some wild flowers
sing something that pleased you

now that you are gone
now that you are home
why, when i am stronger
do i still feel alone?

i know what it was to hold you
i know what it meant to keep you close
i know you will bring me sunshine
but there's still gonna be days of rain and snow

(after the cold blows away
theres gonna be longer days)
(when will i know,
when will i know?)