from by Skye Zentz



Things could be greener
I could be too
I'm on vacation
From feeling so Blue
The morning was orange
The sky like a peach
And every rainbow,
Just out of my reach

But I knew when I tied up my shoestrings
That daylight had knocked out a wall
and my head felt so light
and so full of hot air
I was braced for a fall

In my lavendar daydreams
I giggle and play
My lips, red as roses
Golden sun on my face
I am walking thru tall trees
My steps light on the ground
Over emerald mosses, chocolate soil
and leaves in bright scarlets and browns

And the sky is like Earl grey and Lemons
The trees are as strong as my will
and I'm here and I'm home
But I'm restless when I just
forget to sit still

Things could be sweeter,
I could be too
But darlin' I'm grayscale
when I'm far from you
Yea, your love is the brightness
Your love is the sea
and the world is our forest, oh come!
Live in the treetops with me!


from Bird Heart, released June 21, 2012



all rights reserved


Skye Zentz Norfolk, Virginia

Skye writes truth and hope,
bends it and shapes it into
a singable form

Hailing from southeast Virginia, her Father's late music store, Ramblin Conrad's, was once her childhood playground. She hopes to live her next life as a dolphin or an elf.
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