from by Skye Zentz



Dream is not self
Self is raw
Dream is something
Untangibly, ever untamed
Self is so hard
Self is scarred, self is flawed
Self is carefully labeled and named

But when I get back from this quandry
of what parts make up all that was me
It will not be enough to stand contented
In the shell of this old self I rented

I do what feels right
Til' I'm wrong
Then I might feel
Regretfully defensive with pride
Coz living is choices
we make with our voices
and whether we stay, run or hide

But I've got this secret I'm keeping
Its the me I am just when I'm sleeping
The dream me who is quite contented
To defy the old self I rented

In dreaming, I am borne
Open armed, moving freely
I am brave! I am young! I am wild!
In being, I am me,
Same as dream, just more tethered
to this worldy place
where I'm not always
free to act so childlike

So if I stick to my instinct
and make righteous choices
I'll trust in the world to provide
The best circumstances
for living and learning
I'll trust in the turn of the tide

And I will sleep better and deeper
I will discard the sleep that came cheaper
and while I'm not dreaming I am loving
The waking, new self I'm discovering


from Bird Heart, released June 21, 2012



all rights reserved


Skye Zentz Norfolk, Virginia

Skye writes truth and hope,
bends it and shapes it into
a singable form

Hailing from southeast Virginia, her Father's late music store, Ramblin Conrad's, was once her childhood playground. She hopes to live her next life as a dolphin or an elf.
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