Bird Heart

by Skye Zentz



released June 21, 2012

Produced by Skye Zentz and Jacki Paolella

Ukulele, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals- Skye Zentz
Bass-Logan Byrd
Drums- John Digiorgio
Electric Guitar, Percussion- Jeff Davis
Percussion- Matt Katherman
Background Vocals- Kelsie McNair
Background Vocals- Ian Thornton


all rights reserved



Skye Zentz Norfolk, Virginia

Skye writes truth and hope,
bends it and shapes it into
a singable form

Hailing from southeast Virginia, her Father's late music store, Ramblin Conrad's, was once her childhood playground. She hopes to live her next life as a dolphin or an elf.
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Track Name: Trouble's Gonna Go
Everything's Glowing outside
All of our warm clothes are boxed
up in the closet
Time to put on our sandals
Roll down the windows and drive drive drive
with the wind in our eyes

And as for our stresses,
we just remind ourselves they'll be over
and as for our dresses
we just remind ourselves of their color

Money's Gonna Come, Troubles Gonna Go!
Money's Gonna Come, Trouble's Gonna Go!

Cassettes on the dash
They got that Lo-Fi sound and we love it
We’re stoppin’ over at yer folks’ place
Grabbin some sandwiches and bye, bye, bye-
We’re headed North tonight

And as for our stresses,
We just remind ourselves they’ll be over
And as for our dresses
We just remind ourselves of their color

Money's Gonna Come, Troubles Gonna Go!
Money's Gonna Come, Trouble's Gonna Go!

Summer’s Gonna Come, Winters Gonna Go…
Summer’s Gonna Come, Winters Gonna Go
Uh oh, uh oh, uh oh, uh oh oh!
Uh oh, uh oh, uh oh, uh oh oh!
Uh oh, uh oh, uh oh, uh oh oh!
Track Name: Got the Time
Darlin when we’re ready, we’ll be goin’ steady
When we’ve got the time
Maybe when I’m older, just a little older
When I get the time
We could build a cabin
Or head up to Manhattan
Someplace with walls you can climb…
Maybe if we ever get ourselves together
We could plan a time when we could find the time

Maybe out in Europe I could be your maple syrup
When we’ve got the time
I would slide around your plate
Sticky sweet, you wouldn’t wait to say
That you’d make the time
We could open up a dinette,
I’d supply the entertainment
And you could drink all the Red Wine
Maybe when we’re settled and not quite so disheveled
We could have a helluva time making the time

Boy you got to see
You came and altered me
And if you cross the sea
Back home to me, I’ll call you mine

I’ll be waiting by the fire just to see what you inspire
When we’ve got the time
We’ll plant rows of corn and lettuce
And the drought will never get us
When we make the time
We’ll be energy efficient, we will handwash all the dishes
And turn all the lights off at bedtime
We’ll make a perfect pair
When we’ve got the time

And we’ve both gotta see new towns
But when it’s time to settle down
I think being your gal would be fine
You’ll be my man
When we’ve got the time
Track Name: Fool's World
I don’t know just how you did it
When you had me pardon you
But if you make me pardon you again
Then I’m a fool
Far from me, your love was phantom powered
Humming softly in my ear
And, if I’ll hear your song again
Then I’m a fool

And it’s a Fools World, darling,
And I’ve been fooled good
But you’re not thru, fool,
You just keep me from doing like I should
I should lose you, darling,
So you could feel the way I do,
But it’s a fools world, darling
And I can’t fool you

I tried a dozen times, I guess, for nothing
Tried to tear you from my thoughts
But you come creepin back
Whenever I forget
I leave you be, You seek me out much later
Throwin roses at my feet
I back away
But your thorns still reach me


Turn away from you
and I’ve got trouble’s of my own
But life excluding you
Makes leaving you
feel more like leaving home


Yeah, it's a fools world, darlin,
but no one's fooled you yet!
Track Name: Saturn
Saturn the golden
Saturn in wings
Saturn the farmer
Changing all things
Saturn the monster
Saturn the brave
Saturn the master
Becoming the slave

Oh and Time, time time
is coming for me
and the mirror will not show
who I am to be
I am made of grain and stone,
of muscle and mead
Oh Saturn!
Will you make a meal out of me?

28 years and
28 lives
28 songs poured
Out of my eyes
Songs of the harvest
Songs of the plague
Songs of the famine
Songs of my rage

Oh and Time, time time
Is breaking my fall
Oh, but I'm tired of Time
Knowing it all
I am made of shame and pride
Of will and of fear
Oh Saturn!
Won't you give me one more year
To get it right

Saturn, I feel you
Saturn, you're near
Saturn, I embrace you
Saturn, my dear
Saturn, I surrender
My heart and my mind
I will be gracious if
You will be kind
I will be gracious if
You will be kind (x2)
Track Name: Self
Dream is not self
Self is raw
Dream is something
Untangibly, ever untamed
Self is so hard
Self is scarred, self is flawed
Self is carefully labeled and named

But when I get back from this quandry
of what parts make up all that was me
It will not be enough to stand contented
In the shell of this old self I rented

I do what feels right
Til' I'm wrong
Then I might feel
Regretfully defensive with pride
Coz living is choices
we make with our voices
and whether we stay, run or hide

But I've got this secret I'm keeping
Its the me I am just when I'm sleeping
The dream me who is quite contented
To defy the old self I rented

In dreaming, I am borne
Open armed, moving freely
I am brave! I am young! I am wild!
In being, I am me,
Same as dream, just more tethered
to this worldy place
where I'm not always
free to act so childlike

So if I stick to my instinct
and make righteous choices
I'll trust in the world to provide
The best circumstances
for living and learning
I'll trust in the turn of the tide

And I will sleep better and deeper
I will discard the sleep that came cheaper
and while I'm not dreaming I am loving
The waking, new self I'm discovering
Track Name: Grayscale
Things could be greener
I could be too
I'm on vacation
From feeling so Blue
The morning was orange
The sky like a peach
And every rainbow,
Just out of my reach

But I knew when I tied up my shoestrings
That daylight had knocked out a wall
and my head felt so light
and so full of hot air
I was braced for a fall

In my lavendar daydreams
I giggle and play
My lips, red as roses
Golden sun on my face
I am walking thru tall trees
My steps light on the ground
Over emerald mosses, chocolate soil
and leaves in bright scarlets and browns

And the sky is like Earl grey and Lemons
The trees are as strong as my will
and I'm here and I'm home
But I'm restless when I just
forget to sit still

Things could be sweeter,
I could be too
But darlin' I'm grayscale
when I'm far from you
Yea, your love is the brightness
Your love is the sea
and the world is our forest, oh come!
Live in the treetops with me!
Track Name: Be The Moon
In the supermarkets the pictures stare back
Girls, made up like dolls
Perfectly groomed, their airbrushed smiles gleam
From the storefront windows of the shopping malls
and we buy their lipgloss, we buy their toothpaste
we buy their padded bras.
And we see their skinny bones, sad but sexy
and we see all of our flaws

How do we grow, how do we move
Inside of this mess we're tangled up in
Beauty is here within the authentic you
In the strength that helped you grow into a woman

I sit with my sisters we braid our hair and we drink tea
We talk about our lives, we talk on being wives,
Growing up tall and straight, watching boys and watching weight
Watching the younger girls
Dancing with the fabric of time

Oh to be young again, a child inside this world wide web
How would I be different?
How would my mother have done it then?
My empathy is for their youth
That it's not tossed aside too soon
Growing up is hard to do
Take your time, girl, watch the moon

So if you ever feel alone
Or awkward in your fragile bones
Hold your body like a friend
Remind yourself you're loved and then
Be the you you wish to be!
Remember, we're all built imperfectly
But the magic of each tiny flaw
Makes you perfect as you are cause

You will grow and you will move
outside the limits of what you can dream of
Beauty is here, within the authentic you
You are the moon, girl, full of light and wisdom!
Track Name: Brambleberry
I am a Brambleberry
I am a firefly
I've got an ember in my throat
I'm sort of scared of falling
and I like to sing and cry
I shine my light in little notes

And you could call me crazy
Call me a lazy mess
a Tangle of Love and Clothes and Shoes
but this season's got me shaking
and I do believe again
Believe I'm finding home with YOU

Here, in the everafter
The summer sun is fierce
a Spotlight shining on our flaws
and I've not been the perfect partner
Don't always make the bed but
I'll shine a light when we get lost

and our love is like a puzzle
Our love's a treasure map
with shortcuts and dead ends and trap doors too
But you let me be myself and
You take good care of me
I've never trusted like I trust in YOU

I am a sparkle siren
I am a grumblebird
I'm learning how to tell the truth
But you're not some common diamond
You are simply stunning
and this Brambleberry's running home to you!
Track Name: Bird Heart
I am wide winged and
Covered in snow
I am broad visioned and
flying back home
and at times I am numb to the weight of
all the dreams that I hold on my back
but I carry them there
where I know they’ll be kept intact

and im steered
by the whistling wind
by the howl of night
yes, im free
in the open air
in the promise of flight
and I’m lulled by the moon
and her tidings
my companion in the dark times I’ve known
she inspires and reminds me
the solace in being alone

and my bird heart it hurts when its lonely
but I sing to the dark when im sad
and I bite through the cold of my sorrow
with the joy I’ve been lucky to have
and I’m wise and I’m stupid and willful
and I’m brave with the moon on my side
and I forget what the point of my point was
Other than to say I have nothing to hide

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